Retirement Plans

MGKS Provides Administration for Many Retirement Plans

At MGKS we pride ourselves in our ability to develop retirement solutions for any business. Qualified retirement plans provide many benefits to your business and your employees and are often required to stay competitive in your industry. From sheltering taxable income to employee retention and development, these plans are a great way to show your employees that you have taken an active interest in helping them save for retirement while also maximizing the pool of money you as a business owner will have when it is time to retire. A well designed retirement plan is essential to adding value to your business overall and we can help you choose between the various options below. Sign up for a free consultation today!

401(k) Profit Sharing Plan

MGKS provides highly customized and efficient retirement plan administration for your 401K plan. Opposite of bundled service providers who take a set and forget approach to retirement plan adminsistration, we are always looking for ways to streamline your testing results and discover new ways to improve your experience. If you are having issues with your current plan, or want to take a look at starting a 401K plan, sign up for a free consultation today.

Defined Benefit Plan

We have helped thousands of employers get the most out of their defined benefit plans through the years. Our actuaries have decades of experience and set the actuarial standards and practices for our firm. They are well qualified, experienced, and eager to help you get the most out of your existing plan, or help guide you down the path of sponsoring a defined benefit plan. Get a free defined benefit plan consultation now!

Cash Balance Plan

Cash balance plans offer much higher limitations on annual contributions for the owners and or principals of your business. These hybrid plans are easier to understand than a traditional defined benefit plan and while they offer the same funding potential, they feel like a 401(k) plan. Each participant will have a hypothetical account balance which represents the actuarial present value of their annuity benefit, and they can easily see the value you are providing for them each year. Get a free cash balance plan consultation today.

Combination Plan

Combination plans are typically designed to target high levels of funding for owners or principals of your business while providing smaller yet meaningful benefits to the rank and file employees. These plans are highly complex and considered the pinnacle of our custom plan design options. Contact us today to see if you would benefit from a combination plan!

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Sponsoring an ESOP is a great way to retain and motivate your employees. Through the plan your company can provide an ownership transition strategy using pre-tax income. Employee Stock Ownership Plans aren’t for everyone but can be a valuable tool for business owners transitioning to retirement. Contact us today to see if an ESOP is right for you.