401(k) Plan Design

Design Your Own 401(k) Plan with MGKS

Welcome to MGKS. We are the leaders in 401(k) plan designs. Located in Phoenix, AZ we have been providing exceptional 401(k) plans for employers ranging from 1 employee companies up to large corporations with 500+ employees. At MGKS our 401(k) plans are designed with your business goals in mind.

Our expert plan designers provide you a plan calculated to fit your company goals. We provide comprehensive design solutions that are proven to save you money while providing a great tax shelter for your organization. Our 401(k) plans educate both employers & employees. MGKS guarantees some of the following solutions with your 401(k)-plan design:

  • No hidden fees
  • Quality Service
  • Comprehesive Solutions
  • Flexible 401(k) Options
  • Professional management
  • Quick onboarding
  • Plan Design Education

Company Benefits

(Plan Sponsor)

Your company may benefit greatly with a well-designed 401(k) plan design. From small businesses to large corporations, 401(k) company benefits are of the utmost importance. Many companies already take advantage of these plans; but why should you sponsor a 401(k) plan?

401(k) company benefits

Attract Quality Employees

  • Employer match contributions boost participation from employees and give prospective employees assurance that you invest in their future.

    Increase Employee Retention Rate

    • Employees who see retirement participation from their employer and feel vested in the organization tend to stay with the company longer.

      Federal Tax Benefits

      • All employee matched contributions and administration services are tax deductible.

        Performance Incentives

        • Allows you to create incentives based around performance of an employee.

          Employee Benefits

          At MGKS we put our clients first. This is why we use our years of 401(k) administration experience to provide the best plan designs. 401(k) retirement plan designs provide many options for employees to benefit from. We educate you & your employees on those benefits:

          Saving Made Easy

          • Correctly designed 401(k) plans are crucial. Deductions of funds directly from their paychecks will help your employees save money better.

            Vest Your Employees

            • Vesting employees in a retirement such as a 401(k)-plan design gives them assurance of ownership.

              Account Growth Possibilities

              • Employer matching options allow employees to save more for retirement faster than normal.

                No Penalties on Retirement For 55+

                • Those employees who retire when they turn 55 or older do not pay the 10% penalty tax for an early withdrawal.

                  Tax Benefits

                  We understand the importance of tax sheltering and take pride in designing 401(k) plans with this in mind. Our precisely calculated 401(k) plans are administered with tax benefits as a main ingredient.

                  Less Taxable income

                  • Employee contributions come out of their paychecks before taxes. This means an employee’s taxable income is lower; a direct correlation to a smaller tax bill.

                    Tax deferment

                    • Taxes on contributions made by employees to their 401(k) are deferred until distributed. This is advantageous because often in retirement their income will be lower which typically results in a lower income tax rate.

                      Contributions are deductible

                      • Sponsoring a 401(k) plan provides a tax-deductible source of income for employers to benefit from on federal income tax returns.

                      IRS Benefits

                      • Investment gains and elective deferrals are not taxed and receive tax deferral until distribution. This means deferred wages do not get taxed to federal income withholding at the time of deferral and are not reported as taxable income. See IRS Benefits Here


                      Many Americans rely on employer-sponsored 401(k) plans for retirement. Most American workers believe 401(k) funds have fewer fees than typical individual investments. The U.S Department of Labor defines 3 categories for 401(k) fees.

                      Investment Fees

                      • These are typically the largest fee. The fees are charged in relation to the percentage of assets. Actively managed funds carry higher fees in relation to funds that are passively managed.

                        Plan Administration fees

                        • Managing your 401(k) plan requires experience and precision. The correct calculations within the plan design are crucial for long-term plan success. Record keeping, accounting and other administrator services such as education and live support are typically administration services that require a fee. At MGKS, we provide the entire management fee at a very reasonable price.

                          Individual Service Fees

                          • Certain 401(k) plan options may require additional fees. An example of such would be when participants request or receive a loan from the plan, their 401(k) account may be subject to an individual service fee.