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How Many ESOP’S in US & Arizona
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How Many Employee Stock Ownership Plans in the US?

According to analysis of 2018 Form 5500 filings by the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) 279 new ESOPs were created, covering more than 37,000 participants. In total, there are approximately 6,416 ESOPs in the United States, holding total assets of over $1.4 trillion. The number of unique companies with an ESOP is approximately 6,266 (a company may sponsor multiple plans).

How Many Employee Stock Ownership Plans in Arizona?

Specifically in Arizona, there were 96 privately held ESOP companies, covering 37,000 participants.  26,000 of those participants were current employees of the ESOP sponsor.  Total assets in the Arizona ESOP plans approached $2 billion. Arizona ESOP Plan Sponsors typically have under 100 employees. Arizona ESOP plan sponsors are in a variety of industries including manufacturing, professional services, construction, retail trade, wholesale trade, financial and real estate services, and healthcare.